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Seamless Connectivity
nd Cell Coverage
Powered by Zoleo


ZOLEO takes advantage of cellular and Wi-Fi when it is available, and transmits over the Iridium satellite network when it isn’t. You enjoy a truly
seamless global messaging experience that simply isn’t available using other satellite communicators.

Iridium Offers Coverage Where Cellular Doesn’t

ZOLEO devices operate on the world’s largest and most advanced commercial satellite constellation, Iridium. Only Iridium offers coverage everywhere on the planet, including: Earth's landmasses, oceans, skies and Polar Regions. With Iridium, there are absolutely no coverage gaps.

ZOLEO is Great for Business
ZOLEO is an easy and affordable means of staying in touch with employees that travel in and out of cellular coverage zones. For lone workers at remote sites, business travel or emergency back-up, count on ZOLEO to keep everyone connected and safe — wherever work takes them.

Plus, ZOLEO provides users with a dedicated number and email address to share with their contacts, making it easy to send messages from a phone or tablet!


SOS Button
SOS and GPS coordinates will be sent to our 24/7 expert monitoring partner (GEOS). They’ll confirm the SOS was received and dispatch help. Users can also cancel an SOS if it was a false alarm. Use the ZOLEO App to exchange messages with GEOS until help arrives.

Check-in Button
Simply tap the built-in button on the device or check in via the ZOLEO app. Users’ check-in message can also include their GPS coordinates if desired.

  • Seamless messaging via satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi

  • Dedicated SMS number and email

  • Familiar texting experience

  • Superior protection from dust and water (IP68)

  • Check-in lets others know you’re OK

  • SOS alerting with 24/7 monitoring included

  • DarkSky™ weather forecasts

  • Location sharing (optional)

  • Tiny and lightweight


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