About Us

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Since the beginning in 2009, SafeTracks™ has evolved from distributing Electronic Monitoring (EM) Systems into the global leader of innovative design, manufacturing, and distribution of advanced GPS Personal Emergency Locator Devices used for monitoring at-risk individuals.

SafeTracks™ Personal Monitoring solutions are used throughout North America for both individual and commercial applications in a multitude of industries including; Lone Workers, Young Adults, those suffering from PTSD, victims of Domestic/ Family Violence, Independent Seniors, and those living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

SafeTracks™ commitment to building safer and inclusive communities has allowed our company to leave a lasting impression and a positive impact on society while allowing for the creation of cutting-edge technology. This is further supported by SafeTracks™ being awarded the 2016 ASTech Societal Impact Award.

Interested in learning more about partnership opportunities? Please email info at safetracksgps dot ca and visit our partner’s page HERE.