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Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence Victim Notification Application

Convenient, discreet, and confidential.

Combining a Victim’s smartphone with the advanced tracking capabilities of SafeTrack’s OM500 GPS device, Advocate allows law enforcement and corrections agencies to track and compare location data of participants and Victims of domestic violence simultaneously through Sentinel’s proprietary DNA monitoring system.

Available for iPhone and Android devices, Advocate discreetly tracks the Victim’s smartphone and updates SentinelDNA with location data to create a Mobile Exclusion Zone. This Mobile Exclusion Zone repositions within SentinelDNA as the Victim’s smartphone moves throughout the community. Should the participant approach within a preset distance of the Victim’s smartphone, notification is sent to the Victim and law enforcement authorities


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  • Near real-time Victim and participant geolocation comparison

  • Convenient text, email, or push notifications without the need for a secondary device

  • Configurable Exclusion Zone sizing for maximum program effectiveness

  • 90+ decibel Siren for Alert Notification triggered on participant’s GPS device

  • Specially trained SafeTracks operators providing 24-hour a day location monitoring and poised, reliable information to the Victim and law enforcement should an offender breach an exclusion zone

  • Advanced notification with the use of customizable Buffer Zones

  • Emergency contact numbers and one touch dialing for 911

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