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Bail and Pretrial Supervision

Ensuring effective and targeted court ordered electronic monitoring of persons that are on bail or have been convicted and released from custody into the community utilizing GPS Electronic Monitoring, is a proactive crime prevention and public safety strategy that is authorized by law in Canada.

The alternative to this public safety tool is all too often an increased burden on police services whose resources are already stretched thin by inadequate funding to support increased responsibilities. Accordingly, it makes sense to use the specialized tool of Court Ordered Electronic Monitoring (EM) in appropriate cases and to ensure that the Crown is specifically aware of its availability and the legal authorizations for its use.

Conditional Release, Parole, and Probation

Offenders on conditional release are required to follow standard conditions which include reporting to a parole officer, remaining within geographic boundaries, and obeying the law and keeping the peace. SafeTracks is a leader in tracking and reporting on the location status and whereabouts of conditional release offenders.

This allows offenders structure and support before their sentence expires to improve the chances of their successful reintegration into the community while protecting communities with monitoring their whereabouts and social interactions. Offenders can be returned to custody if they violate their conditions of release or are believed to present an undue risk to the public.

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Domestic Violence, Family Court and Child Protection

Tracking offenders provides evidence for family court circumstances and proves to be a reliable means of protecting victims of family abuse.

Victims need to feel secure and safe while exploring and experiencing the process awaiting family court situations and these applications and data tracking provide peace of mind and tools for law enforcement.

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Family Court

Border Patrol, Immigration, Peace Bonds, and Extradition

Keeping our borders safe and those that enter our country is essential to maintaining our border control laws and policies. 

SafeTracks has products and tracking technology to track the whereabouts of new persons entering the country or here for limited reasons that need to be monitored. 

Data collection in these circumstances proves to be the most reliable means of keeping track of persons of interest regarding immigration and border control.

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No Contact Protection Orders

A restraining order is a court order intended to protect victims from further harm from someone who has hurt or threatened them. It works to keep the abuser away from the victim, to stop harassment, or keep the abuser from the scene of the violence, which may include a home, place of work, or apartment.

Having the ability to monitor a protection order with GPS tracking and location alerts will keep victims safe and provide peace of mind while serving as a reminder to offenders that they are encroaching on set physical boundaries.

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