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Introducing a sleek, one-piece GPS Electronic Monitoring device that employs GPS, Wi-Fi, and Cellular location tracking technologies to effectively monitor a participant’s movement. The OM500 allows agency personnel to communicate with participants through the use of audio messaging, vibrations, and tones. The OM500 utilizes quick charge technology and offers industry leading battery performance.

OM500 shadow.png
  • Extended battery life; 5+ days on a single charge

  • Tracks indoors and in GPS-impaired environments

  • Cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite signals for always-on, high precision tracking

  • Customized Audio Messaging in multiple languages

  • IP Waterproof, submersible

  • Cut-free strap installation prevents false strap tampers

  • One-piece design, tool-free installation

  • Quick Charge; 30 minutes daily

  • Zones on-board

  • Accelerated tracking; Pursuit Mode

  • Reduced nuisance alerts


Omnilink  OM500


inclusion zones.png
exclusion zones.png
travel route.png

An Inclusion Zone is a geographic area that can be programmed to ensure an offender is in a specific area at a specific time.

An Exclusion Zone is a geographical area
where an offender is not authorized to enter.

The Travel Route is a geographical area
where an offender is authorized to travel.

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