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Offender Compliance Smartphone App
Simple. Powerful. Effective.

GPS Ankle Bracelets being used for Conditional Release of High to Low Risk Offenders is still the dominant direction that we need in place to hold the accused compliant and accountable. But in some cases where the Low to Medium Risk Offender has displayed respect and have conducted themselves with the approach that their chosen path is to rehabilitate, resolve and reintegrate back into their communities. This motivation is encouraged and when deemed appropriate, the accused could have their Release Conditions reduced so the GPS Ankle Bracelet can be removed and then transitioned to the SafeTracks EM Smartphone App.

The SafeTracks EM Smartphone App provides the supervisor’s team the ability to leverage, the speed, intelligence, camera, calendar, and cellular communications in a quick, easy, and convenient format, to decrease the supervisors team workload, but maintain the accountability, that is entrusted to keep our communities Safe and Secure.

SafeTracks Compliance App.jpg


  • Works on all iOS and Android Smart Phones

  • Continuous GPS Tracking

  • Electronic Geo-Zones

  • Video Check-Ins (13 Seconds)

  • Live Chat with the accused

  • Speech Inspections (2 Word Validation)

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