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Why SafeTracks

Building Safer Communities


SafeTracks is a leader in GPS Electronic Monitoring Solutions specifically designed for Canadians.


SafeTracks has been extremely diligent with the design of the technology and architecture to ensure that we provide the Canadian EM market with the best tools for various applications. From the industry leading hardware that offers key features that are not available with other competing devices; to the software which is considered the most innovative, advanced, and efficient solution in the world, the SafeTracks EM Solution has been integrated and is used by Government and Law Enforcement agencies across Canada. Many of these programs have been custom developed for specific requirements. SafeTracks also offers the same, proven technology for private applications when approved by the court and integrated into the release conditions. See our Private Rental Program page for more information.

SafeTracks Supports:

  • Domestic Violence Survivors

  • Law Enforcement

  • Provincial Government Programs

  • Federal Government Programs

  • Communities

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Customized Exclusion Offender Zones

"Mr. Smith, this is the Safe Tracks GPS Monitoring Centre. You have entered a court ordered exclusion zone. Leave the area immediately!"

SafeTracks GPS Monitoring Centre will then contact the assigned supervising officer to inform him/her of Mr. Smith's breach.

"Officer Davis, this is SafeTracks GPS Monitoring Centre. Mr. Smith has breached his release condition and entered exclusion zone 54. We will monitor his GPS location until your arrival."

Court Ordered Electronic Monitoring

We provide effective and targeted court ordered electronic monitoring of high risk offenders that are out on bail or have been convicted and released from custody needing GPS Electronic Monitoring.

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