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ReliAlertTM, XC3, and SecureCuffTM

ReliAlert XC3™ is the only one-piece GPS device with patented 3-way interactive voice communication that works like a mobile phone attached to the offenders leg.

Technical Specifications



  • GPS Operation: updates location and assesses compliance every 2 seconds

  • GPS Accuracy: 6.5ft (2.0m) in optimal conditions; within 50ft (15m) under normal operating conditions

  • GPS Anti-Jamming: advanced, adaptive digital filtering (25 db improvement over conventional GPS receiver)

  • On-Board Processing: zones and curfews stored on-device are assessed for compliance every 2 seconds

  • Secondary Locationing Technology: cellular triangulation utilized automatically when GPS is unavailable

  • Battery Performance: 55+ hours of operation at one-minute tracking and reporting intervals

  • Battery Life: 500 recharge cycles

  • On-Board Voice Communication: two/three-way, live voice communication available at any time

  • Siren: 95 db, activated via software by Monitoring Center or agency users

  • Memory Storage: approximately 18 days at one-minute tracking and reporting intervals

  • Multiple Monitoring Levels: available via the software - no equipment change required

  • Tracking/Reporting Interval: configurable to one or five minutes

  • Embedded RF Technology: works in conjunction with RF Beacon

  • Alerts: voice, siren, LED, vibration, audio tones

  • Anti-Tamper Capability: strap and case tamper technology

  • Standard Strap: pre-sized and cut-resistant with fiber-optics for tamper detection 

  • SecureCuff™: extremely cut-resistant with encased hardened steel band and fiber-optics for tamper detection

  • Waterproof: IP68 Certified to 20ft (6m)

  • Operating Temperatures: -4 to +140 F (-20 to +60 C)

  • Cellular: 65m and UMTS 3G HSPA+, able to transmit data and SMS during voice calls

3.5 IN (8.89 CM)


4.72 IN (11.99 CM)

9.1 OZ (275 G)





allows Track Group operators and agency officers to call the offender via the ReliAlert™XC3 device at any time – providing real-time violation intervention and reducing the effort spent by officers attempting to communicate with offenders.



is a unique feature on the ReliAlert™XC3 device that can be activated by the Track Group Monitoring Center as part of a violation protocol. The siren alerts victims and the public to an offender violation, helps safely assist officers with offender recovery and improves public safety.



is an optional, patent-pending, hardened steel encased security cuff for high-risk offenders. The SecureCuff™ provides valuable, extra response time for officers when offenders are attempting to abscond. When used in conjunction with live voice intervention, ReliAlert™XC3 becomes the premier GPS solution for monitoring challenging offender populations

Exclusive Accessories


Since the ReliAlert device demonstrates such outstanding GPS performance, in most cases a beacon is not necessary and is only used if GPS reception has proven to be insufficient. If a location that an offender regularly visits, such as home or work, has insufficient GPS coverage, a beacon may be used to ensure location information via the beacon’s RF location reporting functionality.



  • 3.2 oz and 2.5” x 2.5” x 1.0” in size (100gm and 6.35 x 6.35 x 2.54cm).

  • Continuous RF monitoring

  • Motion detection

  • Three (3) year battery operation life

  • Low battery alarm

  • No phone or external power required

  • Can be paired with an infinite number of Shadow™ devices