Empowering Survivors with Peace of Mind
Domestic Violence Proximity Notification System

Introducing a smartphone app that creates a mobile geo-zone around a survivor of domestic abuse. This app communicates with the offenders tracking device, providing an early-warning notification to the survivor if they are in proximity of the offender or group of offenders.




SafeTracks has harnessed the power of the smartphone by developing an application specifically designed for survivors of domestic violence that eliminates the need for additional GPS/communication devices and is more effective as a deterrent to unwanted encounters between offenders and survivors.


  • Besides the GPS device worn by the offender, the survivor is only required to carry a smartphone that tracks her location using the most advanced GPS technology available and also enables direct communication with the monitoring center and law enforcement.

  • Once the DV application is downloaded, it automatically pairs the smartphone with the offender’s device creating a “virtual zone” that travels with the survivor as she moves, such that an alert will sound if the offender comes within a set distance of the survivor’s device.

  • Alerts can be sent even before the offender breaches a static or mobile exclusion zone. For example, if a static exclusion zone surrounds the survivor’s home by 200 yards at any angle, a preliminary warning alert could sound if the offender came within 500 yards of that 200 yard barrier.

  • Similarly, a preliminary alert could be sent as the offender approached the survivor’s mobile exclusion zone, with a more urgent alert sent once the offender breached the specific radius surrounding the victim.

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