SafeTracks to Reduce Size of Its Tracking Device

Award-winning company

SUSAN ZIELINSKI / Fri Dec 16th, 2016 12:30am

SafeTracks President Presenting Personal Monitoring Device

SafeTracks President Presenting Personal Monitoring Device

Red Deer company SafeTracks GPS Canada Inc. is working on a sleeker design for its award-winning tracking device that’s helping to keep people safe.


In November, SafeTracks received the Societal Impact Award at the annual Alberta Science and Technology Leadership Awards for its watch monitoring device TRiLOC that allows people with cognitive disorders, like dementia, to be tracked at all times via GPS technology.


SafeTracks president Vince Morelli said the ASTech award really means a lot.


“We’re doing something for the community with our innovation, and our proactive approach to protecting families and people suffering from diseases and at-risk individuals,” Morelli said.


Developed in 2013, TRiLOC has a built-in, two-way voice communications system that allows a family member, or caregiver, and the wearer to communicate through an internal cellular connection.

The device, that can be locked onto the wrist, has an SOS button, and detects falls. It also sends alert notifications via text and email to caregivers when the wearer has exited and entered the virtual geo-fence safe zone.


“Look how cold it is out. If someone wanders from a house or facility in these temperatures, time is life. We try and create a tool, if used properly, to significantly diffuse that situation.”


He said a slimmer version of TRiLOC, that resembles a very large watch, will be available by the fall.

“We want to make it easy for the eye. Make it smaller, closer to a Fitbit size, but maintaining the technology.”


Morelli said reducing its size will make more appealing to seniors, children and women.