Provincial Seniors Benefit Program

Alberta Seniors Program- Financial Assistance for Personal Monitoring Device

The Alberta Seniors Benefit can substantially reduce the monthly cost from $39.95 down to only $9.95/ month.   SafeTracks wants to reassure you that our products are not only reliable but we provide an affordable alternative to elderly who lack independence and security.

Alberta Seniors Benefit

Alberta Seniors Benefit

The Special Needs Assistance for the senior’s program is available to help those who have struggles financially with the cost of appliances, and specific health and personal supports.  The program provides a lump-sum payment to eligible low-income seniors.  The maximum assistance available is $5,000 in a benefit year.

Personal response service-  maximum $30/ month monitoring fee along with $80 installation.  However, once installation and/or monthly fees are added, there must be an estimate or copy of original receipt provided, please contact SafeTracks’ for an estimate.  It is advised that you keep your receipts for reimbursement.  Benefits are then provided for the current benefit year only.


  • Aged 65 or older
  • Single Seniors income less than $26,965 OR
  • Senior Couples income less than $43,785
  • Permanent Residency
  • Receiving OAS pension Eg: Lived in Canada for ten years



Please click this link to find out more valuable information and how to apply to this awesome program: