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Introducing the safest and most reliable GPS Electronic Monitoring Ankle Bracelet ever made. The ReliAlert™ XC4 with SecureCuff™ sets the standard for reliability and performance in the offender monitoring industry. SafeTracks ™ is the only supplier of the ReliAlert™ XC4 in Canada, providing Electronic Monitoring Solutions to some of the largest Law Enforcement agencies and Provincially Supervised Electronic Monitoring Programs in the country.


Key Features:

  • Integrated 2/3 Way Live Voice Communication
  • Integrated 95 db Audio Alert, Siren, Vibration & LED
  • 55+ Hours of Operation on a Single Charge
  • Reinforced SecureCuff™
  • Up to 1 minute GPS location intervals
  • Hypoallergenic, Waterproof, Tamper Resistant
  • 4G/LTE Telecommunication
  • Secondary locating via cellular triangulation

The patented SecureCuff™ is the only security cuff in the industry specifically made for high-risk offenders. It has hardened steel band encased designed to be highly cut resistant and provides Police Officers additional time before an offender can abscond. The SecureCuff™ includes a fiber-optic technology strap for tampering notification and specialized security screws to secure the strap to the device.

The SecureCuff™ solution helps address the “Strap Cut”  possibility in high-risk offenders. It serves to significantly reduce the number of offenders that attempt to Cut & Run, which results in overwhelming officer hours attempting to locate offenders who have absconded and is not offered by any other offender monitoring company.

ReliAlert XC4 Ankle Bracelet

SKU: 0001
    • GPS Operation: updates location and assesses compliance every 2 seconds

    • GPS Accuracy: 6.5ft (2.0m) in optimal conditions; within 50ft (15m) under normal operating conditions

    • GPS Anti-Jamming: advanced, adaptive digital filtering (25 db improvement over conventional GPS receiver)

    • On-Board Processing: zones and curfews stored on-device are assessed for compliance every 2 seconds

    • Secondary Locationing Technology: cellular triangulation utilized automatically when GPS is unavailable

    • Battery Performance: 55+ hours of operation at one-minute tracking and reporting intervals

    • Battery Life: 500 recharge cycles

    • On-Board Voice Communication: two/three-way, live voice communication available at any time

    • Siren: 95 db, activated via software by Monitoring Center or agency users

    • Memory Storage: approximately 18 days at one-minute tracking and reporting intervals

    • Multiple Monitoring Levels: available via the software - no equipment change required

    • Tracking/Reporting Interval: configurable to one or five minutes

    • Embedded RF Technology: works in conjunction with RF Beacon

    • Alerts: voice, siren, LED, vibration, audio tones

    • Anti-Tamper Capability: strap and case tamper technology

    • Standard Strap: pre-sized and cut-resistant with fiber-optics for tamper detection 

    • SecureCuff™: extremely cut-resistant with encased hardened steel band and fiber-optics for tamper detection

    • Waterproof: IP68 Certified to 20ft (6m)

    • Operating Temperatures: -4 to +140 F (-20 to +60 C)

    • Cellular: 65m and UMTS 3G HSPA+, able to transmit data and SMS during voice calls

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