Lone Workers Safety

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In today’s workforce, more people are choosing to work in non-traditional settings – miles from colleagues or the safe harbour of an office environment. This includes a growing number of realtors, skilled workers, freelancers and those who work from home, finding greater flexibility in remote environments. Yet, working in isolated situations comes with unexpected risk and concern for lone workers safety.

SafeTracks™ Prime Mobile™ gives you greater control, all in the palm of your hand, allowing you to pursue the freedom of your daily life with greater confidence. This state of the art personal monitoring system gives you more tools, in order to alleviate the concern of vulnerable situations and working in isolated areas.

Prime Mobile, GPS Pendant, Pendant, Senior Safety, Lone Workers Safety, Lone Workers Safety, Independent SeniorsPrime Mobile™ has the ability to monitor your location, up to the minute through SafeTracks™ online software. By simply logging on to the platform, this safeguard allows your employer or loved ones the ability to visually pinpoint your location through real-time updates.

Another added support feature of the SafeTracks™ Prime Mobile™ device is an integrated one-touch SOS/Panic Button. Once pressed, you are immediately connected to the SafeTracks™ Emergency Center. Through 2-way, hands free voice technology trained operators assess your situation and will not hang up until given your stated password. If you are in danger, the operators will call both your emergency contacts and emergency services, police, fire or ambulance. Ensuring lone workers safety leads to a happy and healthy workforce.

In addition to the handheld Prime Mobile™ device, the SafeTrack™ TRiLOC™ GPS wristwatch has the added advantage of fall detection. If your technical job demands include physical activity such as construction or manufacturing, you may be prone to suffer an emergency situation, possible unconsciousness or be in need of medical attention. The TRiLOC™ wristwatch alerts your loved ones or the SafeTracks™ Emergency Center, where operators will call for further assistance of police, fire or ambulance, as well as your emergency contacts.

In addition to the SafeTracks™ Emergency Center, 2-way hands free voice technology, SOS/Panic Button, SafeTracks™ Monitoring Platform, other features of the Prime Mobile™ include:
• Multiple Electronic Geo-Fencing
• 1 Minute Breadcrumb Tracking
• Up to the Minute Location Updates
• Email and SMS Notification for Emergency Contacts
• SafeTracks™ GPS On-line Platform Login
• Up to 60 hours of battery life

Don’t let the risk of working in isolated environment, keep you from the freedom of the work you choose. With SafeTracks™ reliable and advanced GPS technology, you put safety and peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

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