Introducing the TRiLOC™ Leasing Program

Do you worry that the person you care for will unexpectedly wander?

For less than $2.50/ day you can now lease the most advanced GPS Personal Location Device available. The TRiLOC™, wrist-worn watch, is ideal for people living with Dementia and other Cognitive Disorders, maintaining their Independence and Security.

Senior Women Wandering

Independent Senior with a TRiLOC™

Keep in mind, there are numerous ways that the TRiLOC™ can not only benefit Caregivers and Family Members but more importantly people who are at risk for Wandering.


How the TRiLOC™ is Cost Effective

For a minimum of six months at the cost of only $69.95 per month, you can have this advanced wearable GPS watch that is easily monitored throughout North-America.  Launching our first ever lease program is incredibly exciting due to it benefiting both low and high-income families.  Our ultimate goal is guiding you each step of the way for Family Members and Caregivers to take control when a person living with Dementia or other Cognitive Disorder is missing, and to not be solely reliant on Law Enforcement.


 “The SafeTracks GPS watch played a very important role in my Father’s care. It allowed him added freedoms while he was experiencing the early and middle stages of Dementia. The watch was easy to set up as was the geo-fence. The alerts were reliable and helped us locate our Father with impressive accuracy. It was welcome peace of mind during a very challenging time. This watch would allow people of all ages that may tend to wander added security and freedom. Knowing that they can’t be lost is a gift of comfort  that is priceless.”  – Lori

TRiLOC™ Leasing Program

Unlike many Lifestyle Management Solutions, at no point in time, you will feel limited to completing your daily routine.  In order to be proactive in maintaining regular monitoring of loved ones, it is recommended to introduce a Personal Location Device when first diagnosed with Dementia or other Cognitive Disorder.