Reliable GPS Personal Monitoring Device

The Most Reliable Law Enforcement Electronic Bracelet

BEST Bracelet Design with Less Stigma than Ankle Bracelet
MOST Durable & Longest Lasting
MOST Flexible Service
BEST Security Features
Made in Canada



  • 4G LTE with BT and GNSS built in

  • Dedicated Call button for daily check‐in with the case officer

  • Security lock with tamper detection in real‐time

  • Real‐time alerts when offenders exiting/entering the geofences

  • Pairing with RF Beacon for indoor tracking

  • OTA programming for fully control of the device

  • Loud speaker for 2‐way voice call

  • Communication encrypted

  • Ruggedized casing with IP68 rating and anti‐allergic wrist band

  • Skin detection sensor built‐in

  • Restraining order feature built‐in

  • One of the industry’s largest batteries at 1450mA/h

  • Connect with LocationNow.com

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  • Prisons are overcrowded and expensive to operate

  • Promote the second chance with less stigma for certain offenders

  • Enforcer has a solid IoT platform that meets the requirement of NIJ (National Institute of Justice)

  • Provide prevention for restraining and domestic violence cases

  • Provide tracking solutions for immigration and border security


If the offender crosses the geofence, Enforcer will alert automatically to the control center.


If the offender approaches the prohibited zones, Enforcer will alert immediately to the control center and the case officers.

If the offender breaches the prohibited distance with the victim under a restraining order, the victim will be notified with a real‐time alert to leave the area immediately.