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  • SafeTracks created an industry leading suite of Personal GPS Tracking Devices for Victims of Serious Domestic Violence

  • Proven Track Record

  • Canadian Women Shelter Endorsed/ Canadian Police Authority Approved

  • Automatically connects “Hands Free” to the SafeTracks Monitoring Center

  • 1 minute GPS locations sent automatically

  • SOS Button with 911 Call Centre Service

  • SMS and E-mail notification

  • Geofence Capabilities

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Domestic Violence Monitoring and Victim Safety

This compact mobile alarm system is designed for monitoring and protecting people and property. In case of emergency, the person can activate it by pressing a SOS button on the unit and the two-way voice communication function allows you to talk with tracking target. keeping busy families connected with tracking information and voice functionality. Besides, it built in 3D G-sensor that can be used for mo􀆟on/shock alarm, elderly falling, power management, and more.

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  • Mini sized, Waterproof IP66

  • Geo safe zone alarm, no motion alarm

  • Simple SOS alarm button activation 

  • Built-in vibration and motion sensor

  • Voice prompt when alarm triggered and reminder function

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity

  • Two-way calling

  • Re-upload data for blind area

  • 4 locating technologies: GPS, WIFI, BLE, LBS

  • U-blox GPS technology

  • A docking station with speaker and 2000mah backup battery

  • Docking station built in Bluetooth and WIFI

  • Fall down alarm for children and elderly patients

  • Small and light weight, only 40 grams

  • IOS/Android APP + WEB monitoring service

  • FOTA (Firmware upgrade over the air)

1.73 IN

2.4 IN