Court Ordered Monitoring

ReliAlertTM XC

Item #: ReliAlert

One-Piece GPS Offender Monitoring Device


Safetracks Canada GPS is the leader when it comes to offering court ordered monitoring devices in Canada.


ReliAlertTMXC sets the standard for reliability and performance in the offender monitoring industry. Advanced features enable agencies to effectively track offender movements and communication technology, all in real-time. ReliAlertTMXC offers multiple monitoring options for agencies collecting and reporting data as frequently as every 15 seconds during a violation to ensure critical information is available when needed. Working in conjunction with SecureAlert's 24/7/365 live monitoring Center and TrackerPALTM monitoring software, ReliAlertTMXC acts as a "force multiplier", providing officers with extra eyes, ears and voice in the monitoring of offenders, increasing productivity and offering peace of mind.


Two/Three-Way Voice Communication allows SecureAlert operators and agency officers to call the offender via the ReliAlertTMXC device at any time providing real-time violation intervention and reducing the effort spent by officers attempting to communicate with offenders.



Onboard 95 dB siren is a unique feature on the ReliAlertTMXC device that can be activated by the SecureAlert Monitoring Center as part of violation protocol. The siren alerts victims and the public to an offender violation, helps safely assist officers with offender recovery and improves public safety.



SecureCuffTM is an optional, patent-pending, hardened steel encased security cuff for high-risk offenders. The SecureCuffTM provides valuable, extra response time for officers when offenders are attempting to abscond. When used in conjunction with live voice intervention, ReliAlertTMXC becomes the premier GPS solution for monitoring challenging offender populations. 





Standard Secure Strap
Embedded fiber-optics and braided steel cables encased in outer edges
LED Indicator Light
Indicates the status of the device
Cosmetic Cap
Conceals screw housing from view and provides additional tamper security
Call Button
Powers device on or places outbound call to the Monitoring Center
Allows voice communication with the Monitoring Center or Officer
External Speaker
Enables voice communication, 95-decibel siren and audio alerts
Power Connection

Plug in provided AC power adapter to charge the device



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